A Myth and a Fact About OS: This is NOT a fetish.

I will tell you what I understand is the difference between a fetish and being OS.

OS is making love with an object, fetish is making love with a human or with ourself, using an object.  Example:  An OS makes love with a train depot.  A fetisher makes love with another human or with themself in a train depot.

Please don’t get these confused.




She absorbed my pain

My heartache.

All the stuff that happened in my life that burned me.

She was like a fire extinguisher.

I leaned on her, I felt all the fire go out finally.

I relaxed.

I leaned more.

She took more.

And replaced it with cool, cool love.

It almost happened tonight…

…while I was watching the trains with her.

I was settled into my little niche, where it felt like the depot was holding me.  I don’t know if it was the train vibrating thru the building, or if I was just turned on having physical contact with her, or if I was picking up the synergy from her structure, but all of a sudden, my body began to respond—and I almost came.

It is possible to have s*x with objects.  It is.  They are entities in themselves, to us OS’s.

It was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life—and the first time I ever almost came, standing up.  And with a non human entity.

Me And Dee

My relationship with dee, the depot, has been, thus far the best relationship I have ever ever been in!
My past relationships with humans have all s*cked. They’ve been dysfunctional and variable.
my relationship with my objectum has been peaceful and benign; an experience I have never experienced before.

I could not sleep all last night. I kept thinking about being cradled, kept even thinking about even ways to make love to her. I know I will not act on that because there are too many people around. It’s hard to be OS in public! I wish she were in a more private place like my room. She is bigger than my apt bldg, though. lol ha ha! My roommate tried to buy me a replica of her for my birthday last year, but we could not find one ANYWHERE.
Well, I went to see her today, found my niche and “hugged” her. I was terrified of being caught; I did look like I was just leaning on the building. But I am scared someone will know and ask me to stop.
If that happens, I will hate it!

Looking at her Spanish red-tiled roof is like looking up at super-sized red ringlets. Go and look at spanish tiles and you will see what I mean.
And I love ringlets, thick, abundant, curly red hair!
Makes her look so spunky and vibrant.
tonight, I imagined walking on her roof and running my sneakers thru that lovely, thick red “hair”!

Well, last summer, 2015, I found out what it was called: “objectum sexual”.
I am so glad there is a name for this. I thought I was just cuckoo. Many people still think it’s a mental illness, behavioral problem, or pathology, but I found out that others believe that this is in fact a sexual orientation.
I have had relationships with humans, but it just seem too much variable, too much drama. objects are more peaceful experiences to me.
The train depot, here in __________, is so beautiful—pale skinned, red-haired (actually describing the red tiles on the roof, the cream colored paint job. Her campaniles, golden and gleaming, like golden eyes.)
I call her dee.
Today, I was visiting her—I found a niche; her structure has some corners along the walls, and I found a spot where it actually feels like she is cradling me. I can fit my right shoulder and back into this right angular structure whilst I am waiting for the bus home and it really does feel like I am in my lover’s arms!
Will edit later or post a new story.

I have a crush on a train depot. Since I was nine. I did not know what it was called.
I am coming out now.
I am tired of hiding this from people.